Name Me a Noun game

English grammar for first second third grade printable fun game Name Me a Noun nouns game

  Practice all the different types of nouns with this unique game that can be played two ways.  Everyone gets a lotto-style playing board and a pile of space markers.  Players take turns either drawing a card and trying to …Continue reading →

Spanish Articles activity set

Spanish nouns vocabulary cards printable free flashcards articles activity set

  This unique printable set is great for learning and practicing the 8 different Spanish articles (comparable to English a, an, the): el, los, la, las, un, unos, una, unas!   Included in this set are: 8 Spanish article cards …Continue reading →

Sentence Maker cards

free parts of sentences cards to print for kids to make complete sentences

  This very simple set has 2 types of cards:  subjects (the “who” of the sentence) and predicates (the “do” of the sentence).  Combine the two, and you have a complete sentence.   There are two levels of cards in …Continue reading →