Sentence Maker cards

This very simple set has 2 types of cards:  subjects (the “who” of the sentence) and predicates (the “do” of the sentence).  Combine the two, and you have a complete sentence.

There are two levels of cards in this set.  Use the first for beginners to make very simple sentences, add the second set for more variety and challenge — or use the cards as prompts to finish with your own words!


Pages in this free printable packet — click to view larger:

Frans Freebies free printable subject and predicate cards to make new complete sentences      free parts of sentences cards to print for kids to make complete sentences


Click Here to open the Fran’s Freebies Sentence Practice packet.

Please use these cards for your own personal home or classroom use only, and please remember to share this page with your friends and followers — thanks!

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