Poke the Number self-checking cards

This set of 36 printable self-checking cards is a fun way to practice counting to 20 on your own.

Each card features a fun set of everyday objects for children to count. Three possible number answers are given, each with a black dot beneath it. One way to present the cards is to punch a hole where each black dot is and allow children to poke the tip of a finger into the hole under their answer choice. The alternative is to just have children pinch the card over the black dot of their choice, and flip the card.

A specially designed answer page is provided, to be printed back-to-back with the card pages. When the child flips the card, they will see a star over the correct answer space, and X’s over the incorrect choices.

Star = “You got it right!”

X = “Try again”


Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

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