One Hundred (and four) Task Chart

I use this simple chart to motivate me to accomplish a big numeric goal, such as writing 100+ blog posts or book pages in a given period of time.

I cover each number with a sticker of my choice, giving me both a visible record of progress and an immediate acknowledgement for each step I take.

free chart 100 104 count down reward tasks numbers printable freebie colorful

Do you have a goal of “100 or more things“?

How about one of these?

  • 100+ healthy meals eaten
  • 100+ walks or trips to the gym
  • 100+ poems or blog posts written
  • 100+ sketches or paintings made
  • 100+ pages of a book written
  • 100+ days without smoking/drinking/etc
  • 100+ mindfulness practices
  • 100+ times practicing a language, musical instrument, etc
  • 100+ speaking positively, with love — instead of criticizing


Click Here to open this free printable, colorful motivation chart.




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