Multiplication Worksheets: 2’s to 5’s


These 28 colorful and fun multiplication worksheets focus mainly on 3’s and 4’s, but the last 5 pages include 5’s and there is a sprinkling of 5’s problems on a few other pages. Several pages near the beginning also focus on 2’s.

Skills practiced in this free multiplication worksheet pack:

  • counting in twos, threes, and fours
  • writing the answers to simple multiplication problems, 2’s through 5’s
  • multiplying 2’s through 5’s by 0 through 12 – in both vertical and horizontal arrangements
  • multiplying 2’s through 5’s by 2 or 3 digit numbers

Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

free printable multiplication worksheets for kids second third grade count in 3s printable worksheet free multiplication math fun free printable multiplication math worksheets for second third grade kids

free multiplication math worksheets for kids second third grade fun free printable 5s multiplication worksheet with clock math fun free printable multiplication math worksheets animals homeschool fun

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