You may have noticed the changes going on around this website, and may be wondering what is happening.
In a nutshell, I have been giving away for FREE about 95% of the tens of thousands of pages of printable materials I’ve made over the past twenty years or so, and that has resulted in my current state of poverty. While I still desire to make these resources available to everyone, I really do need to “wise up” and charge a little something for them.

Even while homeless, I still have managed to give at least $5 here and there to support other artists and people in need, so I figured that would be a good amount to charge for access to my own materials. Any less would be swallowed up by PayPal’s cut, lol.


$5 for 24 hours allows YOU to easily purchase a membership without risk. If you are disappointed with any detail, you have really lost nothing — mere pocket change even for us poor folk.
$5 for 24 hours allows ME an income based on repeat sales, at a price I can feel good about, still able to serve the worldwide community of educators who use my printables.

Thank you for your patience and support. šŸ˜€

If you pray, I invite you to join me on my daily prayer blog,

All my contact information and links to about half of my websites can be found on my Gravatar Page.