Fitness Weekly

Here is a set of a two-page weekly calendar spread and a weight and measurements chart.

The weekly calendar has spaces for you to write in the week number and dates, your starting or ending weight and measurements, two weekly goals, and your end of the week assessment.

There are progress bars for your healthy meals, cardio exercise, and other exercise, as well as for each of the two weekly goals mentioned above.
I use a marker to color each section as I make progress, giving me an ever-growing visual reminder of my goals and accomplishments.

Each day has one large and eight smaller spaces for you to write in your tasks and accomplishments for the day, or whatever else you wish to record.
I have created two sets of stickers that fit these spaces and can be printed on standard printable sticky label pages:
Fitness Sticker Pages
Fitness Motivational Stickers

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This printable PDF file also includes a third page: a weight and measurements chart with eight columns in which to track your progress over time.
Besides weight and body fat percent, keep track of changes in the diameters of a dozen different sections of your body, including your waist, upper and lower hips, and upper and lower thighs and arms. There is also a little section for amounts lost or gained — another visual reminder and instant acknowledgement of progress! 😀

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All three pages feature ready-to-punch circles for adding to a standard 3-ring binder.


Click Here to open this free printable 3-page wellness record!




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