EarthSpheres earth sciences game

This simple game reviews the following earth “spheres”:
— the biosphere
— the hydrosphere
— the lithosphere
— the troposphere
— the strato-/meso-spheres
— the thermo-/exo-spheres

Each player or team tries to be first to cover all 12 spaces on their playing board, having thought of or drawn (on a card) 2 items that are part of each EarthSphere.

Cards can be printed double-sided with items provided for each sphere, or they can be printed single-sided for players to come up with their own items.

Examples of items given:
— Mount Everest (lithosphere)
— stratus clouds (troposphere)
— jet streams (stratosphere)
— International Space Station (thermosphere)

Full instructions are included.


Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

Earth Spheres free printable earth science game for middle school high atmosphere activity free printable earth spheres game biosphere hydrosphere lithosphere troposphere stratosphere mesosphere thermosphere wordsearth science game earthspheres printable free activity set with cards for kids studying atmosphere geology


Click Here to open this printable packet.

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