Clowns All Around math activity

This unique Fran’s Freebie math activity is great for practicing rounding numbers to the nearest ten or hundred.

Included are ten ocean theme mats with anemones and a number that is an even ten or hundred.  For each mat there are eight smaller clownfish cards with a number that can be rounded to that ten or hundred.

Print several sets and lay them out, having children estimate to the nearest ten or hundred and place each card on the appropriate mat.

Also included is a page with a blank anemone mat and eight blank clownfish cards, to enable teachers or students to create their own sets.


Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

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Click Here to open this free printable math activity packet.  Please keep in mind that all Fran’s Freebies are for your own personal home or classroom use only and may not be distributed to anyone else in any format other than in printed format to your own students.

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