Big and Little Cards for PreK

This adorable set of 48 large cards is perfect for young learners!

Sixteen three-piece sets of small-medium-large or little-middle-big are included, each featuring either a fun dog or cat face.

Ideas for play:

  • Give one set at a time and have the child put them in order, largest to smallest or smallest to largest.
  • Lay out several sets and have children sort them, then put them in order by size.
  • Give younger children the big and little cards from several different sets, leaving out the middle size cards. Have these youngest ones match up each pair of faces, and discuss which one is big and which is little.
  • Use the cards as a bulletin board display.
  • Use two cards from each three-card set to play memory and other matching games.
  • Use the cards for visual discrimination discussions: “Can you find a dog that looks like this, but is SMALL?” “Which of these cats is the smallest?” “Can you find a dog with spots?”

Sample pages from this FREE printable activity set — click to view larger:

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Click Here to open this FREE printable acitivity set for preschool!


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