50 States Visual Reports

This huge 150-page file includes 3 pages for each state:

  • a colorful page for young learners or quick studies, complete with state flag, state bird, and state flower pictures already present, and spaces to write in:
    • the state nickname or motto
    • the year it became a state
    • the name of the state bird
    • the name of the state flower
    • an important state fact
    • state nouns (people, places, things)
    • state adjectives (descriptive words & phrases)
    • labels (locations) for major cities (the capital and names of 3 cities are given and plotted on a state map, ready to be labeled)
  • a less colorful page for older researchers or longer studies — with places for the state flag, flower, and bird to be pasted on and all the above items to be written in with these exceptions:
    • instead of state nouns & adjectives, there is a place for state WORDS
    • instead of one important state fact, there is a place for state FACTS
    • cities are plotted but not named — names of the capital and the 3 major cities must be found & written in, as well as labeled
  • an instruction page that also includes the pictures for the state flag, state flower, and state bird

** use these for the information-gathering stage in preparation for a written report **


Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

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Click Here to open this free printable reports packet!

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