3 x 3 Lotto: Preschool Fun

This adorable set includes 36 cutsie sweet animal cards and 4 playing boards (3×3 with 9 spaces per board).  Have fun matching each card to a space on the boards — either as an independent activity or as a small group game.

Try extending the game with a discussion of the animals:  As you match each card to its space on the board, discuss what the animal is called, if it lives nearby or far away, what are its distinguishing characteristics, what type of home might it have, and what might it eat, etc.  Make up little stories about the animals, or pick two cards and discuss how the animals are alike and how they are different.

Also try making 2 copies of either the cards or the boards (cut into larger cards) and using them for memory-style or other simple matching games.  Pass out cards and have each child find who else in the room has the same card.  Sort cards into groups by color, size of actual animal, type of animal, habitat, etc.

Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

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